Face Body Photo Editor Download

No matter how beautiful a person is, s/he still needs some touch-up to look perfect. Nowadays, many people share their flawless pictures on social media sites. Do you think they are as perfect in real life too? They're seen with glowy, spotless, and even-toned skin; their body shapes also set goals for us. But trust me, most aren't real. Though some people would go for tons of surgeries, that's not an affordable option.

Photo editing apps would help you cover your imperfections and enhance your beauty in pictures before sharing them with others. You can do anything from whitening your teeth to correcting your body shape. So if you're wondering which app could be the best pick and make your face and body look perfect, we’ve got your back. This article will introduce you to one of the best yet affordable photo editors.


About Face & Body Photo editor

Face and Body photo editor, as the name suggests, will let you enhance your beauty and reshape your figure in a few steps. The app includes many features yet comes for less than $2 and doesn't require any subscription.

You can reshape your nose, do lips augmentation, contour your face and chin, lose weight and do all reshaping with this single app. Overall, it's a fun app that lets you do the job in no time.

When you send your edited images to your friends, they're sure to get deceived. You can use the filters to change your face shapes and see how you would look that way. This makes it way far more than just a photo editor.


Detailed Features:

This 4.6-rated photo editing app can reshape your body and face like a pro. Let's have a glimpse at what features it has –

    Smooth Image Distortions: This unique feature makes the app stand out. This app uses a distortion algorithm that produces incredibly soft image distortion. If you compare this to any 100 times more expensive photo distortion apps, the picture quality remains the same. This is an essential thing when choosing a photo editing app because it makes things look authentic.


    Dual Display Mode: The Face and Body Shaping App come with a dual-display feature that helps immensely to edit pictures effortlessly. You can enjoy this feature even on your phone. Just rotate it, and your image will be cloned into the other half. So may have faced this problem with other editing apps that the image part gets hidden with the finger you're working with. This doesn't happen with this face-shaping app.

    Weight Loss: We know how hard it is to lose those extra pounds. You have to spend at least six to ten months burning the noticeable amount of fat. Do you want to wait that long? Since you can reshape your body with the app, I don't think it makes sense to skip posting your pictures. You need to buy the app from the app store and reshape your body in a few taps.


    Lip Augmentation: Reminds you of Kylie Jenner? Not only her, but you can see tons of other people have been doing lip fillers to get the perfect pout. But it can be too expensive or harmful for you. Does that mean you have to post your pictures without those beautiful, luscious lips? No, because the Face and Body Photo Editor App will reshape your lips the way you want. You can use the Lip Augmentation feature to get your desired volume.


    Shaping the Nose: Isn't it something we all struggle with? We're never satisfied with our nose shape, no matter how perfect it is. This is why having this feature in a photo editing app is very important. You can make it as sharp as you want if yours is too short, and you can shorten it if it's too large. You don't have to ignore your beautiful pictures anymore because the nose looked dull.


    Contour Face and Chin: Although you can contour your face with a darker shade of concealer in five minutes, it can harm your skin to keep makeup on for twenty-four seven. So you can go without a makeover and still contour your face and chin with this affordable face shaping app. 

    Shrink or Reshape Anything: You can use this app to edit your and your friends' pictures and have fun by posting them on social media. Shrinking or growing teeth, nose, ears, and other body parts will make it enjoyable to do with friends.


    Muscle Augmentation: This app has incredible ways to change the shape of your muscles easily. You can easily change any muscle of your body without any hassle and make them look more beautiful, more attractive. No matter what their original size is, in a few taps you can make them look like a model or a movie star.




Although most photo distortion apps are free to download, they need you to pay a certain amount to buy a monthly subscription. The Face and Body Photo Editor App have a different system. All you need is to buy it while downloading the app from the store, and then everything comes for free!



This app is available for iOS devices. It requires your iOS 11.0 or later for iPhone, iPad 11.0 and later for iPad, iOS 11.0 or later for iPod Touch, and it needs macOS 11.0 and later with an Apple M1 chip to install it on a mac.


Usage Guideline:

Even if you are using a small screen of your iOS device, you can use this app with ease. Here are the steps for you –

Step 1: First you need to download, install and launch the app on your iOS device. Then, you need to import a head-shot or full body picture from your photo library. The contents of the images should be clearly visible and the background of the photo should be of united colour.

Step 2: Next, to distort the body parts, just use your fingers to drag or shrink them. To give you an example, simply vanish the bump on any of your body muscle or make yourself slimmer.

Step 3: You can make more changes if you don’t like the changes that you have made, or simply undo the changes.

Step 4: The app will allow you to compare the before and after situation of the image by simply rotating your device. This allows users to change the single image view into dual view.

Step 5: There is an incredible solution for performing to the point distortions on your iPhone. You can just zoom in, and use the dual view feature to check the changes on a real time workspace mirror. And your finger won’t be in your way.

Step 6: Finally, you can start the morphing animation between the original photo and the edited version of that photo to view the transformation of yourself from the old photo to new one.



The Face and Body Photo Editor app lets you add perfection to your images and costs you nothing but two bucks. So we recommend you try the app if you want to reshape your face and body in the pictures. Again, whether you need a photo editing app, installing a fun app like this will surely make your time pass more fun. Moreover, using this app allows you to change your photos with new looks.