Precious - Baby Photo Art App Download

Every single picture from your childhood brings a sweet smile to your face. This doesn't happen with thousands of other images in your gallery. These photos are unique and will always remain so in your lifetime. But you see, we're too busy to organize or even store our baby's images. It's impossible to print the pictures and make an album as our parents did before. Let alone using a photo editing app for baby.

Fortunately, technology have made things more accessible today than ever. You can use baby photo editors to organize your baby's pictures and make several albums. This article will talk about a photo editing app for baby that'll do everything on your behalf. You'll learn about all the features of this app once you read it till the end. So, let's dive in.


About Photo Editing App for Baby: Precious – Baby Photo Art

This baby photo editing app does everything you need. From inserting cute stickers to making photo albums or even editing the imperfect images, Precious Baby Photo Art would do all. It will automatically create monthly albums with the picture from that particular month. The best thing is that the photo editor will choose the photos by using its artificial intelligence.

There are plenty of stickers you can add to the pictures that make them look creative and excellent. You can also use creative backgrounds and remove the boring bedsheets. Overall, this app lets you edit your baby photos and make them look like a professional's touch. So the words "You just keep taking baby photos. Let Precious handle the rest" from the developer make sense. This app is filled with cute features that will definitely raise your baby photo editing standards.


Features of Photo Editing App for Baby:

Although most baby photo arts won't do so much, Precious has many features for you. Let’s go through them to understand what you can get from this app –

  • Stickers: When the baby reaches a new growth milestone, the app has a lot of stickers to mark the images, such as "9 lbs" or "20 weeks in". There are some stickers made to use in photos of fun activities. This feature is enough to make any image stand out.
  • Creative Backgrounds: This is something all mothers have struggled with. Imagine you have taken a giggling picture of your baby but realize the background is too messy. Nothing feels this wrong, right? So, Precious has brought this fantastic feature to edit the location of your baby's picture. The background styles are so unique that when you post them on social media, they'll catch all eyes.
  • Automatic Albums: Now, it comes to creating photo albums. The app uses artificial intelligence to choose the best baby pictures from your gallery to add them to the albums. Yes, you don't need to take the trouble to select the images either. Once it sets the pieces, new albums will be created by the photo editor. It'll collect all pictures from the baby's first month and create an album with the title "1st month" and do the same with the upcoming. You can also see your baby's growth in the lapse slideshow.
  • Photo Editing: Fix your baby's photos with Precious baby photo art. Sometimes we take beautiful pictures, but the low lights make it worse. So, start editing the images with this photo editing app for babies.
  • Time lapse: The time lapse feature is incredible on its own, but in Precious app, you can watch your baby grow up with this feature. You just need to record your baby’s growth every day or click picture of them until a period of time you want. Then all those photos or videos can be used to create a beautiful time laps video of your baby.



This doesn't cost you any download fee, and you get to use it 3 days for free. After that, you'll be charged monthly ($4.99 in the US).

However, it sometimes varies from country to country. You can check the app details in the app store and find the price it will cost. Subscribing to baby art unlimited will unlock more features and content that'll leave you amazed.

Moreover, there are various in app purchases that you might have to make to unlock all of its features fully including various “Baby Art Unlimited” and “Pregnancy & Baby Art Unlimited”. The prices of these packages range from $4.99 to $39.99.



When it comes to the compatibility range of this app, you can stay relaxed for sure. It basically works with the iPhones running iOS 12.0 or later, iPad that runs with iPadOS 12.0 or later and iPod touch that have iOS 12.0 or later.

It also supports various languages including English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese etc. Anyone above age 4+ can use this app and upon downloading, the app has 190.4 MB file size.



We have seen many photo editing app for baby that requires a big chunk of money to buy a monthly subscription. But they don't provide enough content like Precious – Baby Photo Art. On the other hand, Precious has many features for the users to edit their baby's pictures with fun. The prices are incredibly affordable too. So, undoubtedly, this baby photo editor will be the best pick for parents. Hope you try out this app to edit your baby’s photo and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Precious – Baby Photo Art  is available on Apple. Click Precious – Baby Photo Art for iOS to download.