New Custom Christmas Socks With Your Pet's Face

New Custom Christmas Socks With Your Pet's Face

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Do you love fun socks?! Customize your pet face into incredibly comfortable socks!! You can also put your own face, a friend or family member's face, your favorite celebrity, or anything you can think of on the socks! 

It will take around 10-20 working days for production and 10-25 working days for shipping.


Whether you're looking for socks for a formal occasion, or just buying a birthday gift for the person who has it all, we have unique socks to fit your unique personality. 

Wear the socks everywhere, make everyone jealous!


Made to order

Material: polyester

7 colors available 

Length: M-40 cm (15.7") / L-43 cm (16.9") / XL-46 cm (18")


Men: US(3-8)/Europe(34-41)

Women: US(4.5-9)/Europe(34-41)

Children: US(3-6)/Europe (34-37)

             L Men: US(8-11)/Europe (41-45)
Women: US(9.5-13)/Europe (41-45)
            XL Men: US(10+)/Europe (44+)
Women: US(12+)/Europe (44+)


How to order:

1. Upload your image.

2. Click "Add to Cart"

3. Enter shipping and billing information. Done!

When ordering more than 1 product, please follow the steps below:

1. Upload the 1st picture and click 'add to cart' 
2. Go back to the page of the product
3. Upload the 2nd picture and click 'add to cart' again


Washing Instructions:

To preserve the brilliance of colors wash this item in cold water, with like color clothes and hang to dry.


Please allow up to 48 hours for us to confirm all orders and ensure the photo and texts you provided are good to go. We'll contact you if your photo is unqualified. Otherwise, we will start making your item. If we cannot get your reply within 48 hours, we'll make it into production.